How Do I Get Rid of “THIS”?

Last night, I had a woman approach me with a question following my Piloxing class. “What can I do to get rid of this?” she asked, pulling on the outside of her hip. Unfortunately, I had to give her the hard truth – if there was one particular way to get rid of “this” (which, sadly, is where I, too, carry a little more than I’d like to), I would have found it by now. Trust me.

The fact is, no matter how many infomercials for crazy gadgets try to convince us otherwise, there is no way to spot reduce. That said … it is possible to shrink your, let’s call them, “sensitive” spots, but you can’t pick and choose from where fat is shed – you’re going to have to take it off from all over.  And just like anything else, it’s going to take a lot of work and sweat.

Being consistent with your cardio is going to be the first step. Focus on a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week (personally, I aim for 45-60 minutes, six days a week), ideally at a heart rate of 80-85%. Speaking of heart rate … don’t focus on the “fat burning zone” (60-70%ish) – you’ll burn more overall calories in less time when you work at a higher heart rate. (We’ll address that topic at a later date.)

Don’t forget the power of full-body resistance training – the stronger your muscles grow, the more tightened up you’ll become, and the slimmer and more toned your body will appear. And remember, muscle has higher metabolic activity than fat, which means the more muscle you have, the more calories you are burning each day, without even trying.

So, that said, continue to focus on improving your whole body. You’ll find that as you get stronger, learner and more fit, your problem areas will start to become less of a problem. Like I said, it may not be easy, but I’m a firm believer that anything worth having is worth working for!