It’s Like Running on Clouds…

After close to two months of not being able to run (thanks, foot!) I finally got myself back onto the treadmill without pain this week. It felt great! Though I’m still not able to run as far as I’d really like to be – I’m doing it the right way and building myself up to avoid another injury – it’s so great to get back into that “zone” that I really only feel I can get into while I’m running.

So … in celebration of my triumphant return to the treadmill (wow, that sounds sad!), I decided to bust out the new pair of shoes I’ve had sitting in the closet since January (I didn’t really need them when I bought them, but they were a really great deal – close to half off!!) Nothing better than running in a new pair of shoes – it’s like running on clouds 🙂

Here’s the new kicks … I’ve been wearing the same shoes – Mizuno Wave Inspire – for a little over two years. These are, I think, my sixth pair. Great fit – and for my super-narrow heels, that’s hard to find. That said, my one bit of advice for today … if you’ve never been fitted at a running store for shoes, DO IT! I never really thought there could be that much of a difference in shoes, until I finally let someone who knew what they were doing pick out my shoes (instead of buying ones that were “pretty.”) Trust me, HUGE DIFFERENCE! I love these shoes.

new shoes

new shoes!