Treadmill FAIL … This is Really Funny!

Came across this video earlier and couldn’t help but share – I can hear my mother laughing from here. Kind of makes me think of this story my former trainer – my darling Steven (seriously, he was awesome) – told me about something he witnessed in a gym when he was working in Los Angeles. I’m  not sure what I’d do if I actually witnessed something like this … would laughing make me a bad person? But seriously – you can tell some of these people did this on purpose (A Swiss ball on a treadmill? Really? A dog on a treadmill? Okay, mom, I know you like to let Frank on there once in a while … but still weird).

On another note … another successful day getting back into running on this end. Logged 6.3 miles, with only a couple of minute-long breaks (I’m TRYING to do it the way I know I should be – working my way up slow-ish). I’m only adding half a mile with each run, so before long I’ll be back where I really want to be. But the good news is that the foot is feeling great, no pain, so fingers crossed I can continue to be injury free for a while!