Treadmill FAIL … This is Really Funny!

Came across this video earlier and couldn’t help but share – I can hear my mother laughing from here. Kind of makes me think of this story my former trainer – my darling Steven (seriously, he was awesome) – told me about something he witnessed in a gym when he was working in Los Angeles. I’m  not sure what I’d do if I actually witnessed something like this … would laughing make me a bad person? But seriously – you can tell some of these people did this on purpose (A Swiss ball on a treadmill? Really? A dog on a treadmill? Okay, mom, I know you like to let Frank on there once in a while … but still weird).

On another note … another successful day getting back into running on this end. Logged 6.3 miles, with only a couple of minute-long breaks (I’m TRYING to do it the way I know I should be – working my way up slow-ish). I’m only adding half a mile with each run, so before long I’ll be back where I really want to be. But the good news is that the foot is feeling great, no pain, so fingers crossed I can continue to be injury free for a while!

2 thoughts on “Treadmill FAIL … This is Really Funny!

  1. Ok, I will get back on the treadmill this week. Your blog on the treadmill helped. Also learning to keep my shoulders back. Still going barefoot. Mine, I can do it that way. It’s fine to take a dog on a treadmill. As spazy as he is it helps him too. He looks bored though. I’m glad you are taking it slow. You don’t want to be like your Mum and do twice as much as end up worse. I am taking some of your advice, but you know where the stubbornness come from. I am learning and enjoying the blog. Good job. xoxoxo

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