Quick Weight Loss? No, Thanks … I’ll Pass on the Nasal Feeding Tube.

Listening to the radio on my way to work this morning, the conversation turned to a new weight loss fad that I found kind of horrifying – the “K-E Diet,” which claims to allow people (namely, pre-wedding brides) to quickly lose 15-20 pounds. What does it consist of? Having a tube inserted into your nose, and only ingesting 800 calories worth of (carb-free) liquid for up to 10 days. The price? $1,500. The cost? Your health, and perhaps your dignity.

Sure, weight loss is one of the biggest money makers out there – but what ever happened to putting in the effort to make it happen? I may consider myself a work in progress – but the key word there is work. I can’t see potentially risking my health just to lose a few pounds quick. This “diet” cuts calorie consumption so low that you are not ingesting enough energy to fuel your body for a day (you should never dip below 1,200), let alone the energy to make it through a day, let alone a workout. You’d be lethargic, cloudy, and probably cranky, too. And I certainly don’t want that “hunger headache” for a WEEK AND A HALF, no matter how skinny it’s going to make me.

When did we all get so lazy … always looking for the quick fix? Wouldn’t you be so much more proud to tell people that you lost 10 lbs. working your butt off – not because you had a tube shoved down your nose? Have we missed out on the fact that losing weight should contribute to our health – not risk it?

Here’s the story.

13 thoughts on “Quick Weight Loss? No, Thanks … I’ll Pass on the Nasal Feeding Tube.

  1. I saw this today, too… I was also a little bit disgusted when I saw this! Not to mention that once the tube is out and they return their normal eating habits…the weight would probably come back on.

    On a side note, I’ve been eating fairly “clean” since February and Easter happened to be the first time in a while that I ate more sweets than I would normally…and it made me feel like crap! It happened again from this past weekend after my friends gave me a surprise birthday party (cake and ice cream) – so I can only assume eating crap is going to make you feel like crap!

    • Isn’t it crazy how your body responds when you’re used to “real” food? You don’t realize you felt bad until you’ve felt good for so long that when you eat junk again, it makes you realize why they call it junk! Hope you had a good birthday!

  2. Mmmmm saggy skin in a wedding dress so sexy!
    I read about this too and it creeps me out so much. A) Why would you do this to yourself. B) Gross. C) There’s no way that weight stays off, why not lose it the right way and be not only a skinny bride, but a skinny newlywed too? D) What doctors agree to this? Do they do it in an alley??

    • I know, seriously! I’d like to know what their husbands-to-be think of it…
      Not sure how doctors can get away with this, but I guess there is a market for everything, and as long as too many people haven’t died, they’ll keep going…
      I don’t care how much I wanted to lose weight, there is a line, and this is WAY past it.

  3. This has made it all the way down to Australia and was a news story today. Ironically, I was watching it while doing interval training on the treadmill at the gym. I didn’t know whether to give myself three cheers for myself (and the people around me) for working hard to gain an edge with their health and fitness…or vomit. When I am in the middle of a sprint, and my lungs are burning and my legs are aching, the LAST thing I want to see is a tube being literally shoved up a nostril so a woman can be fed a liquid with a bit of snot for garnish. And you know what else? Any husband-to-be of these brides is just as big an idiot for allowing his fiance to do this.

    Here’s a hot tip…start exercising together and get the marriage (not just the wedding) off to the best start possible.

    • That’s a SANE tip! Seriously, take that $1,500, buy yourself a trainer or a nutritionist or something for a few months instead. You’ll be a lot more likely to actually maintain your investment (as in, keep the weight off)!

  4. Amen sister. I am right there with you. Jennifer Hudson and I are going to be BFF at Weight Watchers after Baby J comes.

  5. Anyone can lose weight on 800 calories a day (without the nose tube) but there would be no energy because there is not enough nutrition.
    People are SO desperately clouded in their judgment they will PAY nearly anything but they wont DO hardly anything.
    Americans are always looking for a “quick fix” on weight-loss and finance…there is no quick fix for either….one MUST DO the WORK!

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