Road-Running Etiquette

When I was first bit by the fitness bug (way back in 2001!), I started out running outside with my college roommate. Clearly, for those who know me, it’s blossomed into I’ll try just about anything … as long as it’s challenging – but a good outdoor run still holds a place in my heart.

So, for all my would-be runners (and potential future fitness junkies – it could happen to you, too!), a great slideshow on the basics of running on the road:

Road-Running Etiquette | Fitbie.

Kinda makes me think of pretty much any run I ever went on when I was living with my parents in Illinois … and nearly got hit by a semi-truck every time I would run the quarter-mile of main road from their street to the next one over.

That said … be safe, and happy running!