Great Reasons to Never Skip Your Workout!

Anyone who knows me knows that the time I spend in the gym are the best hours of my day. Working out makes me relax, de-stress, feel accomplished, and perhaps most importantly – feel like the best version of me.

We live in a fast-paced world, and for many people, a workout is the easiest task to cut out of a busy day. But, the fact is … exercise is the one thing we need the most when it seems our life is pulling us in a hundred different directions.

So, why should you stop making excuses, and start working up a sweat? Let me count the reasons why … or at least spell them out …

  • More energy during the day. Exercise gets your body moving and keeps you going strong throughout your day until it’s time for …
  • Better quality sleep at night. Getting your heart pumping during the day makes it easier to fall – and stay – asleep once bedtime rolls around. One caveat: make sure to finish your workout a few hours before bed, as it takes a little time for your body to come down from the exercise-induced high.
  • Build strength, stamina and endurance. Keeping a regular exercise regimen makes it easier for your body to endure anything you throw at it. Everyday tasks become easier when your body is conditioned – think walking up a few flights of stairs, running around with the kids or carrying grocery bags.
  • Age gracefully. Your body starts losing muscle mass as early as your 20s, making regular strength training – just once or twice a week – an incredibly important factor in the battle of the bulge. Stronger muscles also mean stronger bones, which means a decreased chance of osteoporosis.
  • Improve your mood. I’ve found that the worst days translate to the best workouts – you’ll work harder, and usually by the time you’re done, you’ll find whatever was bringing you down has become a distant memory. And those endorphins aren’t just for show – research has found that exercise can act as an anti-depressant.
  • Look better. Sure, regular exercise can keep you in beach shape year round. But it will also keep your blood circulating, giving you a healthy glow. When you look good, you feel good, too!
  • Make friends! Spend enough time in the gym, group fitness classes, or your favorite running/walking trail, and you’re sure to start seeing familiar faces in no time. Before long, you’ll find there are people who are looking forward to seeing you (and you seeing them) during their workouts!
  • Get ahead at work. Exercisers tend to be multi-taskers, and more focused and goal-driven than non-exercisers … making time your daily run could get you the corner office!

These are only some of the great benefits that come from making exercise an important part of your day. Whatever your reason, keep up the good work … and keep making fitness a priority. Your body, your mood, your work and even the people around you will reap the rewards!