Get Fit, Support the Troops … Pushups for Charity

Earlier today, I came across an interesting intersection between my “real” job as a marketing analyst for a government contractor and my “fun” job as a group fitness instructor: Pushups for Charity. A fundraiser for the Boot Campaign, which supports veterans, military and severely injured service men and women, Pushups for Charity encourages people to get in shape and give back, all at the same time.

I found myself clicking around the website, hoping I could find out a little more about this initiative. As a fitness junkie and the sister of an Army reservist (not to mention the many veterans I work with each and every day at my full-time job), I think it’s a great cause. Living in Northern Virginia, I figured there had to be an event scheduled in my area (most of them are scheduled for next weekend – Armed Forces Day, May 19), but unfortunately, I was surprised to discover that there is not.

I’d definitely recommend checking it out – even if you, like me, are unable to participate in an event (age and athletic ability doesn’t matter – their website says ages 8-88 participate). They have some great fitness resources on the site as well, including videos with pushup progressions for both men and women.


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