4 thoughts on “If Ads For Athletic Gear Were Honest Funny | Jockular

  1. I bought a pair of those! I hate running in them. Believe it or not, the ground is hard. The “experts” say that these shoes allow you to feel the ground better. It still feels HARD.

    • I’ve heard you have to go into running in them VERY gradually … I have enough trouble with shin splints in running shoes, so I’d be afraid to try them! I teach Piloxing barefoot, and it really does help you feel the ground better – but I made the mistake of teaching it two days in a row right out the gate, and having not taken the time to ease into the impact, I ended up with a stress reaction in my foot (meaning back in shoes for six weeks), so definitely no minimalist running in my future!

  2. They are ugly and I have a funky toe that does hurt after 40 minutes in them. Sarah yelled at me for walking fast on the treadmill in my barefeet. They aren’t bad. Then again, I’m not outside in them.

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