Is HFCS Making Us Fat … And Stupid?

The battle continues to heat up regarding the truth about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) – and this time researchers argue that it doesn’t just make you fat … it can make you stupid, too.

In a UCLA study recently published in the Journal of Physiology, researchers examined two groups of rats – one given drinking water enhanced with fructose, while the group’s fructose-enhanced drinking water was enriched with flaxseed oil and DHA. After six weeks, researchers discovered that the group that did not receive the flaxseed/DHA supplement was not only slower physically, but suffered from reduced synaptic brain activity. And that’s after a mere six weeks … think about how much HFCS the average person consumes on a weekly basis.  Scary stuff.

While it’s best to limit the amount of HFCS you consume, it is somewhat unrealistic in today’s society to expect to be able to eat all-organic, all-unprocessed all the time. The good news? Though you’ll still have to watch what you eat, an occasional slip-up can be combatted by consuming omega-3 fatty acids – which have been shown repeatedly in studies to encourage brain health and function.

So, try to steer clear of HFCS whenever possible for your health – and if you do happen to indulge in processed foods containing the ingredient, just be sure to up your fish, flax or omega-3 enriched eggs and dairy products (or pop a fish oil supplement). You’ll save both your waistline and your brain function!

You can read more about the study and results here or here.