Fitness Flashback: The Thighmaster


Click here for a good laugh, 80s “fitness” style: Fitness Flashback: The Thighmaster | Fitbie.

I came across this gem over the weekend, and couldn’t help but share. Sadly, it makes me think of my college roommate, Deana, who actually had one of these (which she’d pull out infrequently) … and several of our sorority sisters who would pop into our room and end up playing with it (though I don’t believe ever using it as intended).

Kind of makes you wonder … how do people come up with some of this stuff? Knowing that it’s impossible to spot reduce (sorry!), it continues to amaze me that people are still willing to plunk down 3 easy payments of $19.95+shipping and handling (or something along those lines) for something you know is going to end up in the back of a closet somewhere within a few months.

Hope this one gives you a laugh. Now get out there and put in some real work if you want to see real results – anything worth having is worth working for!