Training Tips from an Olympic Coach

Great tips from a man who has trained some of the world’s best athletes! I personally spent years struggling with the importance of what I’ve referred to as the “dirty R word” – but truly, taking time for recovery is one of the most important parts of a successful workout routine. Believe it or not, our time off is what helps us to get stronger and fitter – it’s during that time that our bodies are able to rebuild themselves, leading to the fitness gains that we strive to accomplish.

That said, always listen to your body. If you are feeling run down, don’t be afraid to take it easy with active rest, or to completely take a day off from the gym. Your heart rate is another indicator that can signify the need for a rest day (or two) – if your resting heart rate is higher than usual, or you find youself having a hard time raising your heart rate even during strenous exercise, it’s time to take some time off.

2 thoughts on “Training Tips from an Olympic Coach

  1. I kind-of experienced this while we were at the beach…I had quite a few days off from working out, but when we finally got a chance to get to the gym – I first started out with the weights I had originally been using, but found that I could actually lift more weight. This actually makes me really happy, because now that I’m back home, I’m using heavier weights!

    • Crazy, isn’t it? Sometimes our bodies need those few days to recharge and rebuild. I was actually plateauing not too long ago, but the 4 days I took off when my mom was in town made a huge difference – that scale finally started moving again! It took me a LONG time to figure that one out (I’d figure, oh, I have to go three weeks straight with no rest … big mistake), and I’ve accomplished more ever since.

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