Don’t Go to the Gym to Look Good … Do It For the Way It Makes You Feel!

I came across this last night, and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ll be the first to admit to probably spending too much time thinking about what I’ll wear to the gym each day – and  that I probably take better care of my gym clothes than I do my actual work clothes – but that by the end of a workout, what I decide to wear on any given day never really matters.

Truth is, I only know how to go one way when it comes to working out: hard. I can’t remember the last time that I left the gym looking even slightly good. Most days, I walk out of the gym covered in sweat. And yes, by covered, I do mean COVERED – like, to the point where I literally have to peel my soaked gym clothes off of my body when I get home (great visual, right? You’re welcome). Most of my makeup has melted off of my face, and perhaps ended up on my towel (just a note – if you have never belonged to a gym with towel service, you are missing out). Speaking of make-up … if you want to see me completely bare faced, all you have to do is see me work out on the weekends. More often than not, by the time I finally make it out the door, I’m exhausted. I’m starving. And I’m feeling the best I have all day.

Why? Because when I’m working out, it is the one time that I’m not so self-conscious. I’m more focused on my strength, my accomplishments, my goals, the way my muscles look in the mirrors … not so much the tiny spot on my hip that, God help me, I have no idea how to get rid of. Though I definitely didn’t always feel this way, I definitely don’t go to the gym to look cute – I go to feel good. And if those great feelings translate to looking good (once I’ve had a chance to shower, naturally), I’m definitely not going to fight it.