Being a Group Fitness Instructor Does NOT Make Me Intimidating!

I had an interesting conversation the other day – it left me equal parts surprised, taken aback and, to be honest, really sad. Apparently, being a group fitness instructor makes me intimidating. Who would have thought? (Certainly not me!)

So here’s the thing … I do consider my commitment to fitness is a part of who I am. It’s my heart; the best part of my day. My classes? I have a genuine care for each and every person who sets foot into the studio, and it means the world to me to see them succeed. When I step in front of a class, I morph into a different person. I’m outgoing, and full of energy, and yes, even a little crazy. I’m comfortable. I’m at ease. I’m at my absolute best. I’m hopefully inspiring, full of encouragement, and if nothing else, entertaining. But intimidating? Hardly.

That said, what is it about a group fitness instructor that you might find intimidating, and how can we make ourselves a little more “human”? Because truthfully, we are just like everyone else … sometimes we get tired, or injured, or we have to talk ourselves out of bed and into a workout. Sometimes we choose cake over carrots, or wine over water. And sometimes, we just want to feel like a regular somebody who just loves a runner’s high – somebody who just wants to be a normal person, a part of the pack.



One thought on “Being a Group Fitness Instructor Does NOT Make Me Intimidating!

  1. I think that what has helped my students out is that I talk (and blog) about my own struggles. They clearly can see that I’m not the traditional size 4 fitness instructor, but I think for them to know sometimes that even I want to sit at home and watch Scandal makes me more human. For them to know that I really love regular Coke Classic and pancakes on Sunday morning makes them feel alright about having that cookie at work. My goal as an instructor is to teach the best class I can, but to also let my students know that they aren’t in it alone 🙂

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