Prevent 5 Common Running Injuries

I’ll admit it: I have had more than my share of overuse injuries. Looking at the last three years alone, I’ve had at least three hip flexor strains, several cases of shin splints, a stress reaction in my foot, and what I’m pretty sure may have been a stress fracture in my ankle … and that doesn’t even count the bruises (because I’m a little klutzy and tend to run into machines), the muscle pulls, and the several times my chiropractor has asked me what on earth I’ve been doing to knock my hips up to a full half an inch(!!) out of alignment.

That said, I give you this: Prevent 5 Common Running Injuries. The quick slideshow gives quick tips on how to stay healthy while avoiding the top injuries runners tend to face – achilles tendinitis, IT band syndrome, shin splints (in my experience, shoes and too much too soon tend to contribute to that one), plantar fasciitis and runner’s knee.

So read up, get adequate rest, and take precautions that will help ensure you can stay healthy. And if your weather is anything like what we’re due for here in the DC metro this weekend (we are looking at 100 degrees plus through Monday – makes me wonder if maybe it’ll even be too hot to go to the pool), STAY COOL!