Vacation Time!

Today starts my absolute favorite day of the year – the annual week (okay, it’s technically 9 days) at the beach with the family! It got me thinking about what I love most about this week, and I think there are three things: the company, the beach itself, and the fact that this is the one week in the entire year that I let myself completely rest, decompress and fully recover.

I know I’ve touched on the concept of rest in the past, but it’s not exactly something I’ve excelled in (it’s kind of a forced – an I know I have to take one day a week off kind of thing). In fact, the thought of taking more than one day in a row off from the gym practically gives me hives. But I do know it’s good for me, and this week is all about rest. I’ll be sitting in my beach chair, book in hand, for somewhere between 6-8 hours a day, and loving every second of it. The most strenuous exercise I plan on partaking in is a long walk along the coast … or wrestling the beach chairs/coolers/bags/whatever else I end up stuck carrying down from the condo down to the beach.

That said, I know vacation is supposed to be all about relaxation, but I have a couple of goals as I hit the road this week:

  • Keep up the nutrition end of the bargain. My family been taking this trip for 18 years. I know we’ll eat out every night – which means I have to be conscious of what I’m consuming during the day. Not to mention think about what I’m ordering at dinner each night (and keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull off the impossible – talking the family out of this particularly horrendous seafood buffet they insist on going to despite its outrageous cost and food that doesn’t even taste good, most of which is fried … but I digress).
  • Educate mom and dad a little on the food front. Here’s the thing – I think they do try, but my dad assumes that “low fat” means good for you (it certainly does not), and my mom is an “I don’t miss it if I don’t see it” type … but my dad will buy her food he knows she likes (and is trying to avoid). So I’m predicting a few chats about label reading, sugar, protein and portion control in my future.
  • RELAX! My full-time job has been kicking my butt the last few weeks (I swear, I don’t think I’ve been as busy as I have been lately in my nearly three years with the company – I earned this vacation!) I train hard. I teach five classes a week (and the occasional extra class here and there). I’m usually ready to collapse by the time Friday rolls around. My body needs a break – and I’m pretty sure my mind, my soul and my sanity need it, too.

So, though I’m planning on spending as much time as possible on the beach (practicing safe sun, naturally … though mom and dad would beg to differ), I am still planning on doing some blogging while I’m gone, so stay tuned for some inspiration, exercises and ideas still to come while I relax and rejeuvenate!