Getting Started is NOT the Hardest Part!

In most situations, getting started is the hardest part. I wish I could say the same held true for exercise, but unfortunately, sticking with it is the biggest challenge most people face. Our lives our busy. We have jobs, friends, families, priorities – and for many people, exercise is not always at the top of that priority list.

That said, here are a few reasons to commit to your workouts, even when work, dinners, drinks, meetings, t-ball practice, or maybe even your bed, beg you to do otherwise:

  • You’ll feel better. Our muscles are meant to be stretched and strengthened! Think of your body like your favorite pair of jeans: the more you wear them, the better they feel.
  • You’ll live longer. Regular exercise extends your lifespan – and the quality of life you live as you get up there in years.
  • You’ll make more money. Studies have shown a correlation between fitter lifestyles and higher paychecks. You’ll feel a little better every day you take some time for you, and who wouldn’t want to make more money?
  • You’ll have less stress. Have a stressful job? The best thing to combat it is a little exercise. Once those endorphins start coursing through your veins, stress seems to melt away. And I’m a firm believer that the worst days always equate to the best workouts!
  • You’ll save yourself that getting started feeling! Sticking with it has always been easy for me, because I HATED the getting started part. I didn’t love exercise right away. It took a while – we’re talking months – before I started to enjoy it. Remember how much I hated it in the beginning is what keeps me going strong.

So there you go – plenty of reasons to stick with your fitness routine! With the numerous options that are out there, there is no reason not to find something you like (or maybe eventually love). And that is the key to sticking with exercise: feeling like your day isn’t complete without running, lifting, cycling, swimming, yoga … whatever becomes your exercise of choice.

Keep up the good work – it is always worth it!