I Just May Love Pure Matters.

I’m not usually one to gush about a product or brand, but I have to be honest … I recently stumbled upon Pure Matters, and it is AWESOME! I came across the brand through another website, and they had some kind of promotion that motivated me to check out what they had to offer. I’m usually strictly a Vitamin Shoppe girl, but once I saw that the prices are reasonable, as well as what the company stands for I figured I’d try them out.

I placed my first order several weeks ago, and with my bottle of vitamins came a couple of extra goodies – a Camelbak water bottle (nice!) and a small fabric bag filled with 10 plastic, sealable vitamin travel packs (and the timing on these was perfect, as I was getting ready to start pulling out the Ziploc snack bags to dole out my vitamins for my vacation). Not to mention, it’s clear that they take pride in the presentation of the products, because the inside packaging shows that the order was assembled with care.

I was so impressed with my first order, when I received a promotional email earlier this week, I had to place order #2. Again, they did not disappoint. I purchased this: 

And this came free with it:

The shipping was unusually quick, too – I placed the order on Tuesday afternoon, and received my box Thursday night. How often does 2-5 day shipping actually mean your products will be in-hand two days later? (Not often, in my experience.)

How cute is this packaging?

Anyway, like I said – I don’t often come across brands that I’m so impressed by that I find myself gushing. No, Pure Matters did not in any way compensate me for a glowing review of their products – I just really think they are that great. If you’re interested, check them out: www.purematters.com. And sign up for their emails, because they send out great specials every Tuesday.