5 thoughts on “School Starts Soon … What Are Your Kids Eating?

  1. I WISH this handout were true. What the USDA says and what the schools provide differ greatly. You would be absoluely DISGUSTED if you saw what the kids are eating in my district ( the 5th latest in the nation). They only have 20 minutes to go through the line, socialize and eat. Poor kids. 😦

    • That’s too bad! Especially since they’ve all but proven that healthier foods benefits children in so many ways. Though I think about the crap they used to serve when we were in high school (although in hindsight, skipping lunch every day was probably not a much better option, and I definitely did that for four years…) 20 minutes is definitely not long enough – they’d have to eat too quickly to register that they aren’t hungry anymore, and they’d proceed to make you crazy most of the afternoon 😉 Enjoy your last few days of summer!! Hope you’re feeling good again!

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