Gold-Medal-Worthy Internet Sensations

It’s been a great two weeks, but tonight we bid farewell to the Olympics. There have been some inspirational successes, heartbreaking failures, odds overcome, records breaking … and then there were these: Gold-Medal-Worthy Internet Sensations.

Click to see some of the best, worst and most humorous moments of the Summer Olympics, including the Swim Team’s take on “Call Me Maybe,” Sephan Feck’s dive gone wrong (let’s call it a back flop … he earned 0 points, and it looked like it really hurt), McKayla Maroney “is not pleased,” Lochte’s grillz … and deep thoughts … and lack of interview skills (I’m sorry, I started the week drooling, and after I’d read a few articles and seen a few interviews, I’ve decided he may be talented, he may be smokin’ hot, but there is not much going on upstairs). And that’s just a few of the gems Fitbie has collected, so read on!

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