Motivation or Habit: What Drives You?

It’s amazing how true these words are. It fits in with a post I wrote not too long ago, which discussed the hardest part about fitness in our lives – not getting started, but keeping up with it.

Health and fitness isn’t about a fad diet, or the latest gadget, or even the type of workouts you do – it’s about the lifestyle. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you will most likely be disappointed. It’s like that old commercial proclaiming “diets don’t work.” They don’t. But taking the time to find the foods that make your body perform at its best? Or scheduling your workouts as if they were appointments? That’s the formula for success.

The generally accepted rule is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Will you be fighting your motivation on some of those days? Maybe. It’s up to you to keep yourself going, even on the days you’d rather stay in bed, or go out for drinks, or sit in front on the television. Nobody ever said it would be easy – but the way that you look and feel once you have made your health and fitness a priority will absolutely make those tough days worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “Motivation or Habit: What Drives You?

  1. It always feels so good once the habit is formed! The most successful I’ve been in creating the habit was with the help of a class or creating goals with a partner, and eventually you don’t want to go without it.

    • Absolutely – once it’s a priority and a part of your life, it becomes something that you aren’t willing to give up. But hey, if health is my addiction, I could be a lot worse off!

  2. I swear you are the female me. LOL! Good stuff!!! My workouts are like brushing my teeth now. Don’t even think about it, it’s just part of the routine.

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