A Day With No Commitments Means a Phenomenal Workout … Sometimes It Pays to Be Selfish!

There are not words to describe how much I was looking forward to the Labor Day holiday. After an insanely busy August (yes, I taught 29 classes last month), today was the first day since early August that I had absolutely nothing on my plate. I woke up when I wanted to – well, my body tried to wake me up around 7, but I let myself kind of lounge in bed until almost 9 – and I had time to ease into  my day, rather than rushing out to the gym.

Gym time started sometime just after 10:30, and it was SO NICE to be able to do what I wanted to, not have to worry about rushing to a class (or not having the motivation or energy to stick around to lift after a class), or having somewhere to be at a certain time. Which led to this:

I think I’d call that a success. It’s kind of crazy, though, how much just having complete control of my schedule can make a difference. I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been slacking a little in my personal workouts lately. Though it may not seem like it (I did teach 29 classes in August), I’d kind of lost some of my drive in the last several weeks. I’ve spent so much time focusing on other people that I’d lost sight of my own goals, and I do feel that it’s caused me to take a few steps backward. I’ve just been exhausted – that I don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do, and that the support I’ve focused on providing others I’ve failed to provide myself.

But back to today … it was amazing. Sometimes it really does take a break, and opportunity to step back and take a look at what is really important to remind you why you love what you love.  Sometimes it pays to be a little selfish.


6 thoughts on “A Day With No Commitments Means a Phenomenal Workout … Sometimes It Pays to Be Selfish!

    • Unfortunately I’m much better at worrying about others and stressing myself out. But today was all about doing what I needed to do…and that meant nothing after that workout today. It was nice!

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I love it! Random question, have you ever changed the battery in your watch yourself? Last time mine died, I sent it off to Polar, but not sure I feel like going through that again…

    • I have changed to battery, a few times. All you need is the right battery, a penny, and a pin (to get the old battery out). Only downside is you have to re-enter/re-program some of your info after you put the new battery in.

  2. sometimes, you’ve got to take a break and go shopping… or have ice cream. i don’t even come close to your schedule, but i’m pretty structured. it’s harder for me to not go, than go, but isn’t so nice to just enjoy a leisurely day!! so glad you had one. take another. next week.. 🙂

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