Group X: A Great Compliment to Any Workout Routine

It’s about that time in the U.S. – the kids are settled back into school. Which makes this a great time for you to hit up a class or two, too! Group fitness classes are a great way to try something different, cross train, and have fun while you’re working out (and it’s a great opportunity to meet some new friends, too).

So, what should you consider when looking to try a new class? A few things:

  • Your fitness level. There are so many options out there – take into consideration your fitness level, and what will challenge you and help you to get stronger. Don’t be afraid to take breaks or use modifications – a good instructor will always give options for the varying levels in the class.
  • What makes up your typical workout routine. Do you spend a lot of time running? Yoga and Pilates are a great compliment to increase your flexibility and core strength. Hardcore weight lifter? Try a cycling class to help improve your cardio. Regular on the cardio floor? Check out a sculpt class to strengthen your muscles.
  • Your schedule. The best workout is the one that works for you. Take a look at your schedule, and figure out what you can commit to. Schedules typically change on a monthly or quarterly basis, so treat your class of choice like any other appointment – and stick to it!
  • What you enjoy. Like a good sweat? Try out Spinning (you’ll be dripping in 15 minutes, promise). Want to be pushed to your limit? Check out boot camp. Need to wind down from a tough day? Get your zen in yoga. Rather get your workout at the nightclub? Get your groove on in BodyJam or Zumba.

The one suggestion I always make to new group exercisers is to check out a class before you commit to it. Many gyms have windows so you can see into the group exercise studio (all three studios at my gym are ceiling to floor windows along the back wall), so spend a few minutes watching a class you are considering taking if you are afraid to just jump right in. And whatever you do … don’t forget your water, and leave the phone at home!


3 thoughts on “Group X: A Great Compliment to Any Workout Routine

    • ABSOLUTELY! That’s the best, when you can convince people to take your other classes. I’ve had a couple people find something new that to love, and just this month, I had a girl who has been taking my classes for the last two years get certififed to be an instructor herself. There is no better compliment!

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