How Did a Short,Easy Walk Turn into Almost Two Hours?

This is the question I asked myself last night, as I was walking back into my apartment building, glad that I made it back before dark. Fridays are usually my off days, but it was one of those weeks, I was stressed out, feeling a little antsy, and the weather was absolutely beautiful, so I decided I’d go for a nice, easy little walk.

At least that was my intention. I live in a pretty urban area, but once you get a half a mile or so from the main road I live on, it turns into more of neighborhood. I’d walked and run back there before, and while there are some steep hills, there are also a lot of nice flat roads, so it would not be a challenge to keep things leisurely. Until I took a turn I haven’t taken before, and ended up I have no idea where (but it didn’t strike me as a neighborhood I should be in with dark quickly approaching).

So, here’s the thing … I’ve always had an exceptionally good internal compass. Though I don’t like driving places I’ve never been before (or in big cities … let’s just say that the Metro is the most phenomenal creation – very rarely have I had to actually drive into DC), I can usually find my way around. On more than one occasion, I have just taken three random turns and ended up exactly where I was trying to go.

Long story short … my easy, couple mile walk turned into nearly two hours. But I guess a little extra walking never hurt anyone, right?