Turn Must See TV into a Workout

The fall television season is finally underway … what will you be watching? Whatever your show of choice, remember that there are still plenty of ways to keep active while watching your favorite shows (word is Jessica Simpson has been dropping the baby weight by watching 24 on the treadmill – it sucks you in and keeps you going).

I came across these “workout while you watch” graphics and thought I’d share them, as motivation to get moving while you get back into the new fall season. Pick your show (or do them all) – and feel free to do the New Girl workout during both episodes – airing at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST tonight!

Your Tuesday workout … and you get to do it twice tonight!

Your Wednesday workout …

Your Thursday workout …

6 thoughts on “Turn Must See TV into a Workout

  1. This is great ! ha ha We watch Park and Recreation and Modern Family… oh and Once Upon a Time, The Voice, Ellen, The Middle…. yeah, plenty of shows to get some extra calories burned. I bought one of those goofy shake weights and will sit and use it … my arms are still so large… they say it does work even though you look absolutely ridiculous. 😀

    • I know, that was the very first thing I thought of – but this is a great idea! I have only done cardio watching tv. When I lived in Nashville, we had a “movie theater” area of cardio equipment, and it helped me to add on a lot of distance running – I actually got to the point where I’d run 10 miles every Sunday because I could sit and watch a movie on the treadmill!

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