How to Make a Monday Run Even Better? Just Add New Kicks.

Confession: working out is the highlight of my day. And today, despite being a Monday, I had a little something extra to look forward to … the brand new Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s I had packed in my gym bag last night. They’d been sitting in my closet for a while, so I was excited to finally see what these babies could do for me.

So, how’s the new kicks do? First and foremost, I’m happy to report that the ankle has returned to the slightly lower cut from the 6s (the one change they made between the 6 and the 7 was the ankle … and it was terrible on the 7s). Other than that, they’re the style of Mizunos I have grown to love and need ever since I made that poor kid at the running store down the street pick out a dozen (yes, dozen) different shoes before I found the right ones nearly three years ago. And unlike the first pair I purchased, the colors are super cute (dark blue, dark pink and a hint of fluorescent green, along with the signature silver).

It was love at first run.

As for the run itself? Pretty good! The last couple months have been a little crazy from a teaching standpoint, and unfortunately, more often than not, teaching an extra class meant cutting out a run. Luckikly, I’ve been getting back into my groove, and after running a pretty solid 7 miles on Saturday (before 7:30 a.m. … way too early to be running on a Saturday morning), I figured I could at least try it again. It was a success: 7 miles down in 61:24. And thanks to the new shoes, it felt pretty great!