Is Sweating Good For You? | Fitbie

Here’s the thing: I’m a sweater. We aren’t talking a little shimmer on the brow. When I walk out of the gym at night, it’s more like I’ve just walked in from a rainstorm.

The good news? It’s mainly a result of two things: the fact that I consume a ridiculous amount of water throughout the day, and that I’ve become pretty conditioned throughtout the last 10+ years. The bad news? Well … I look kind of gross (although, in discussing this matter, I have had a more than one man say that it’s kind of hot … but I’m not even going to touch that one).

So, that said … what does all that sweat mean? (other than that you are working hard, of course?) Read on to find out: Is Sweating Good For You? | Fitbie.

3 thoughts on “Is Sweating Good For You? | Fitbie

  1. I used to think sweat was my fat crying 🙂 I still believe that, however, hot yoga has also taught me on a deep level that sweating is a healthy process, and something your body craves to do. I like to preload with water before a good gym session, so that my body can take advantage of the chance to flush out toxins, exercise the pores, etc.

    • I guess with the amount of water I drink everyday, I’m probably asking to be a sweater… but you’re right, it feels so good to feel the body get rid of all the bad when you’re doing something great for you!

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