I’ll Take Strong Over Skinny.

I was talking to a woman before class this morning on this ugly, gloomy, rainy and kind of cold morning, and she asked me a question I actually get pretty often: What keeps you motivated? I told her the truth – knowing that starting over again sucks. Really sucks.

Truth be told, I’m a girl who has to work for my body. Being active is an important part of my life. But so is chocolate. So yeah, you could say that it’s a good thing I like exercise … because I’m not giving up chocolate.

With the number of studies about “fat but fit” and “skinny fat” that have been out there lately, it almost makes me wonder if I’m better off being a girl who isn’t naturally skinny. As the picture above says, I’m a girl who has had to work for it. For more than 10 years, I have committed myself to exercise, eating (mostly) healthy. And though there are times that I wish it could be easy for me, there are also definitely times that I’m glad I’m not a “skinny” girl. Because I’d pick strong and healthy over waif-like any day.