I’ll Take Strong Over Skinny.

I was talking to a woman before class this morning on this ugly, gloomy, rainy and kind of cold morning, and she asked me a question I actually get pretty often: What keeps you motivated? I told her the truth – knowing that starting over again sucks. Really sucks.

Truth be told, I’m a girl who has to work for my body. Being active is an important part of my life. But so is chocolate. So yeah, you could say that it’s a good thing I like exercise … because I’m not giving up chocolate.

With the number of studies about “fat but fit” and “skinny fat” that have been out there lately, it almost makes me wonder if I’m better off being a girl who isn’t naturally skinny. As the picture above says, I’m a girl who has had to work for it. For more than 10 years, I have committed myself to exercise, eating (mostly) healthy. And though there are times that I wish it could be easy for me, there are also definitely times that I’m glad I’m not a “skinny” girl. Because I’d pick strong and healthy over waif-like any day.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Take Strong Over Skinny.

  1. I’m also one of the ones that has always had to work for it. But I think any time you have to work hard for something it makes you appreciate it all the more. And I definitely appreciate the strong healthy woman that I am becoming. 🙂 Good post!

    • ABSOLUTELY! I’m a big believer that anything worth having is worth working for. That’s why I keep kicking my own butt – I like being strong as much as I want to like the way I look.

  2. Things I pulled from your article for reminders for myself….strong is better than skinny, work hard now because it is too hard to start over again. I’ve started over SO many times…losing and gaining the same pounds. I am done with all that, too. Since being out of high school it has always been a struggle….but the exercise has been so addictive..this feeling of strength. Love it. Never want this feeling to end. Great reminders.

    • It’s not always easy to remember! I had a dance teacher in high school say that it gets tough once you hit 20 – and she wasn’t kidding! I swear, it was the day I hit 20 I realized that if I wanted to stay slim I had to work for it. It’s funny, though – my (naturally skinny) baby brother always jokes that he may not have to work to stay that way, internally he’s probaby in much worse shape than me. So I’ll keep working to stay in shape inside and out. Glad to hear that things are continuing to go well for you; keep it up!!

  3. Still working through this myself. I am not naturally thin, but curvy and prone to carry weight exactly where I don’t want it. But I have some very thin family members and close friends – I’ve tried to explain on occasion how HARD it is to have to work and pay attention every single day just to stay somewhat in shape. And I gotta say, it’s just another challenge to not be jealous. I may be stronger and fitter, but I still don’t look as good.

    I have to remind myself that I’m looking through my own tainted, and even hurt, perspective. To them, I have plenty they may want as well. I always have to remind myself: it’s about perspective and it’s about the journey, not just the destination.

    • Trust me, I definitely understand! I’m super self-conscious of where I tend to carry my weight when I put on a couple pounds (there’s a pocket on both hips and the spot right below my belly button). But at the same time, I don’t think I’d live as healthy as I do if I were tiny and didn’t have to work for it. And you’re right – it’s all about how you look at it. I used to consider myself a skinny girl stuck in a muscular girl’s body. Now I consider myself an athlete. It changes your perspective!

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