Shoelace Trick for Secure Ankles

Do you  have trule finding running shoes that fit snugly on your ankles? Check out this video for a quick little shoelace trick that can help keep your shoes a little more secure and comfortable. I’ve been tying my shoes this way for years – and a a person with thinner ankles and even more narrow heels, it’s been extremely helpful in avoiding blisters (which I’ve always been extremely prone to). Try it out – it could help you to more comfortable runs – and maybe even fewer injuries.

Find it here:,8052,s6-1-0-5,00.html?bcpid=780919303001&bckey=AQ~~,AAAAABjSC4E~,YBF36HfcFnZG3Km2fMmu_93aEc_Lzuro&bclid=1497991495&bctid=1332234594