Don’t Let Happy Hour Destroy Your Diet and Fitness Efforts!

It’s Friday! What will you be doing to celebrate the start of the weekend? If Happy Hour, tailgates, Halloween parties or drinks with friends are on your agenda, don’t let it ruin the hard work you’ve put in at the gym or the good diet you’ve kept up throughout the week (fact: a perfect week of exercise and eating can be undone by a couple of not so perfect food and drink decisions on the weekend).

To put things into perspective:

So, what cocktail should you choose instead? Men’s Health/Eat This, Not That makes these recommendations:

Enjoy these options without the guilt (just keep yourself to one – two max):
Mojito: 160 calories, 15 g sugars
Bloody Mary: 150 calories, 10 g sugars
Cosmopolitan: 150 calories, 12 g sugars

If you’re a beer drinker, you can save yourself even more calories – as long as you make the right pick. These come in at under 100 calories per bottle:
Budweiser Select: 99 calories, 3 g carbohydrates
Yuengling Lager Light: 99 calories, 9 g carbohydrates
Miller Lite: 96 calories, 3 g carbohydrates
Amstel Light: 95 calories, 6 g carbohydrates
Michelob Ultra: 95 calories, 3 g carbohydrates
Beck’s Premier Light: 64 calories, 4 g carbohydrates
MGD 64: 64 calories, 2 g carbohydrates

As with anything else, it’s all about moderation. One or two drinks won’t kill your efforts, as long as you’re making smart decisions. Have a great weekend!