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  1. Great read and somewhat true. Except I usually mentally yell at myself to push harder. Of course I also think oh gosh I need a towel so bad and is that amonia I smell.

    • Haha … I tend to yell “breathe” a lot during class … and I think sometimes it’s for me as much as it is for them! I definitely need two towels – one for the bike, and one for my face/chest/back/arms/anything from the waist up not covered by my shirt … I’m usually soaked in about 10 minutes.

  2. This is too funny and so correct! I often wonder what is going thru the minds of my spinning class during our 60 minutes! Although we are a pretty small close group so they generally just grunt and let me know 🙂 ill have to reblog this! Thanks for the early morning smile!

    • Agreed! I know what goes through my mind sometimes, so I’d love to know what they’re thinking (though sometimes I’m pretty sure that their faces say it all).

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