Group Xers: How Do You Feel About a Sub?

I subbed a Pilates class at the Merrifield XSport this morning, and it got me thinking: what do most people think when someone other than their regular instructor walks into the room?

For this class, I had kind of mixed feelings about what I was walking into. On one hand, the girl I was covering in was one of my former girls – I actually let her teach sections of my classes shortly after she completed her certification. Yet, at the same time, I know that both she and I have very different teaching styles (while we are both pretty traditional, she focuses on the specifics of posture and what muscles move why, while I’m more athletic-based, incorporating more planks, push-ups, and whole body exercises where I can). It can be a little intimidating walking into a class full of people you don’t know – at Alexandria, I have some people who have been with me for more than two years, so I know what they are capable of and when I can push them, or incorporate more difficult exercises. When it’s all people you don’t know? You never know what you’re going to get.

I had to think about it from the member perspective, too – I know that before I started teaching classes, I liked to know if I was going to be walking into a class with an instructor I didn’t know (or worse yet, and instructor I didn’t like). Keeping that in mind, I always let my classes know when I have a sub – and who it will be if I know ahead of time. I think there are two sides of it – you can either get a great workout from an instructor you’ll seek out in the future … or you can end up in a class that can feel like the longest hour of your life.

That said, I think things went pretty well this morning! It was a full class, which is always a good thing. Though the studio at Merrifield is the most strangely shaped studio I’ve ever seen (seriously – there are two walls of windows, a random mirrored pole in the middle of the room and technically it’s kind of a weird curved triangle shape) … which meant I had people behind me at one point, making it kind of difficult to keep track of the entire class at any given time. But we made it work, and they seemed to enjoy the class – or at least put up with my special breed of crazy – so I’d call it a success.

In other news … this happened this morning … result of 7 miles in just under 61 minutes, about 40 minutes of back and biceps, and that Pilates class I covered this morning … yes, my reaction was “holy crap!” when I took a look at the calorie count on my way out of the gym.

But what do you think when someone other than your regular instructor walks into the room? Is it an opportunity to learn something new from a different person … or are you tempted to leave before the class even gets underway? Comment below!