Think You Can’t Do It? Yes, You Can.

One of the biggest lessons to learn when starting a fitness program (or even for those who have been at it for years) is controlling the battle between your brain and your body. As the picture above suggests – and it’s completely true – your head is more likely to give up before your body.

Here’s the thing: even some of the most determined, motivated people sometimes give up. And sometimes, the people you’d never expect to accomplish something go far beyond expectations. Many times, your own internal monologue can make or break you.

There will be days that you just won’t be feeling it. Some days it may feel like no matter what you do, your lifts will be too heavy, your run will be too long, and making it to the finish line will seem impossible. At those times, just stop thinking. Start doing. Don’t let your head win. Your body can do it.

Bottom line? Always give yourself credit for what you are capable of. It’s usually going to be more than you may realize – so never, ever give up. Keep strong until you reach your goal – or go beyond it. Remember, you don’t push until you’ve had enough … you push until you’re done.

And keep in mind … you are just as likely to have a bad day and want to throw in the towel as you are to have a day that goes better than you would have ever anticipated (heck, I went into the gym yesterday thinking I’d start with a 5k jog. I ended up running my fastest 7 miler to date – shaving a few seconds on my previous best, at just under 61 minutes). You control your body and your head, so make it happen!