Choosing the Best Running Shoes for You

Thanksgiving is now behind us … as are the Black Friday sales (no, thanks, I’ll stay in bed) … meaning that the holiday season is now in full swing. We’re about six weeks away from what I call the “resolutioners” crowding the local gyms – which makes NOW the best time to get a great deal on a gym membership or exercise equipment before the New Year.

What’s the best place to start? Making sure you have the most important part of equipment: good shoes. There are a lot of different kinds of shoes out there – running, walking, training, basketball, sports-specific – but most casual exercisers (and especially runners) are going to be best suited with running shoes. Finding a good shoe is kind of like finding the right significant other: you may have to go through a couple options before you find the right ones (on a personal note: I found my “solemates” almost three years ago in a Mizuno Wave Inspire shoe. I’ve since gone through seven pairs. Soulmate? Yet to be found, but heck, I went through 12 pairs before I found the right shoes, so I’m keeping hope that he’s out there somewhere. Though I’d appreciate it if he’d hurry up …).

Here’s what to look for when you’re in the market for new running shoes:

Finally, I’m a huge advocate of seeeking out a running store and getting fitted for shoes (even if you have done it in the past and maybe it’s been a while). It can make a HUGE difference – I’m a great example of a person who never realized until someone in the know helped me find the right shoes just how much of an impact the right shoes can have on your entire body – not just your feet. The right shoes can make your run feel better, which makes you more likely to want to keep running!

5 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Running Shoes for You

  1. WOW!!!…thank you soooooo much for this:)!!!…Its just what i needed, It will help me a lot as i am going this weekend to get pair of new running shoes:)…Thanks Again..

    • Honestly, I don’t know too much about them – from a running standpoint, I need as much padding in my shoes as I can get while still keeping a light shoe (shin splints otherwise), but I’ve talked to people who swear by them. They’re designed to engage more of the lower-leg muscles; if you do decide to try them, start small – too much too soon is a recipe for foot injuries (as I learned teaching Piloxing barefoot on consecutive days earlier this year – my doctor basically told me if I’d kept doing what I’d been doing I would have ended up with a stress fracture).

      • Okay, I was just wondering because I use minimalist footwear all the time for running and never really developed a problem with my legs or feet. In fact, I did my research for minimalist footwear last year before I bought my first pair of Vibram FIve Fingers (The toe shoes). Those shoes have a high learning curve, but your feet will thank you in the long run, though since it’s a more natural stride than landing heel first when running. Thanks for your input.

  2. i have a stupid question, but how can i view the graphic larger? apparently i’m old and going blind 🙂 but I just can’t see the small text. When I click on the image it enlarges, but only slightly. Any ideas?

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