Christmas is Over. Get Back to Your Workout Routine.

We’ve made it through Christmas, and with only New Year’s Eve and Day standing between us and the start of the January gym rush, now is the time to start burning off those inevitable pounds burned during the holiday season. The beauty of working out this week? A lot of people still consider themselves to be on the “free pass” that is the holiday season. But why put off until tomorrow what you can start (or resume) today?

The jury is out on how much weight people typically gain over the holiday season – I’ve seen anywhere from 5-10 lbs., to as little as 1-2. Personally, I’m weird, as I historically lose a couple between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (though in full-disclosure, I may have been down 2 lbs. before I headed home for the holidays, but the verdict won’t actually be in until after I get back to Virginia tomorrow afternoon and on the scale on Friday morning … and yes, I am kind of dreading what I’ll see … though I’d like to believe the scale in my parents’ bathroom, which claimed that I had lost somewhere between 18-20 lbs. in a span of three days. That would have taken me significantly below my “goal weight” – if only!!)

Why get started (or get back to it, even if you only took Christmas Day off) today?

  • It’s easier to lose 2 lbs. than 20. Let’s be honest. We tend to give ourselves a little pass on the healthy eating during Christmas (Yes, I did have prime rib two nights in a row. It was the first time I’ve eaten red meat in … I don’t even know how long. A long time). One day off and one day of less than stellar eating won’t kill you. But giving up – and putting it off – will only bring you farther from your goals.
  • The New Years rush starts next week. Throughout the years I’ve found that the January rush doesn’t typically start January 1 – but come mid-January, the gym is a zoo. For those of us who are as likely to be in the gym in September as we are in January, this is irritating. So get into your  groove now, and enjoy the fact that you won’t have to wait for an elliptical or stalk the weight floor for a bench for another week or so.
  • You’ll feel better. Too much family time and travel woes got you down? There is no better mental therapy than a good workout. Zone out to some good tunes, get your sweat on, and forget than Aunt Margie asked you when you’re getting married for the 45th time (thankfully, my family has just stopped asking this question … I’ll get there when I get there, it’s not from lack of trying!)

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Now is a great time to start re-evaluating your goals and setting a plan to achieve them in 2013. It’s almost here – so get ready to make it your best year yet!