Cast of Gym Characters … They’re Coming!

With only a few more days remaining in 2012, it’s about the begin: the dreaded January gym season.

(Resolutioners! The horror!)

It’s going to be crowded – there’s no denying that. But let’s keep things positive: it also means that all the crazy characters are out on full display. So, what should you be on the lookout for in the coming weeks? Perhaps everyone in this slideshow: 20 Most Obnoxious People in the Gym.

The descriptions absolutely do them justice – and you know you’ve seen these people before. A couple of my favorites from the list (and yes, I think I see them all at least once a week…)?

#3: The 80s Couple
#5: Way Too Sweaty Guy
#8: The Hairy Guy
#10: The Wimp
#14: The Euro Dude
#15: The Couger
#17: The Lurker
#18: The Grunter