What is Your Health Worth?

Just like nobody ever said getting fit would be easy, it may also not be cheap. Between purchasing fitness equipment, gym memberships, personal training, and maybe even the clothing to go along with it, the costs can add up. (One of the perks to being a fitness instructor? I get paid to teach, and my membership is comped. Add in the mental benefits that come from knowing I’m changing lives, and there is no downside here.)

Just remember, it’s money well spent – you may be shelling out a few dollars throughout the month, but you’re adding years onto your life! 


15 thoughts on “What is Your Health Worth?

  1. Right now, joining to a gym is not an option for me, but I am doing my best to get my butt moving every single day. I love it when I do go to the gym but then get bored with it so quickly. Then, when I haven’t been “gymming it” for a while, I really miss it and want to go back. Like now. But I will have to wait and force myself to keep moving each day, gym-less. Would really give my right arm for a personal trainer, but after researching it, turns out PTs prefer money, not people’s right arms. That is ok, I will keep plugging at it until I am back in a position to be a gym goer again!

    Interesting post, btw. Do you think women are more “shy” about going to the gym than men?

    • Haha, yeah, trainers definitely prefer money over arms (though they might be able to make those arms look pretty nice) 😉 And you have to do what works for you anyway. Some people love the gym, some would much rather find some good DVDs for the living room, and some are much better with a run or walk outside.

      I don’t know that women are more shy about going to the gym than men – but I think a lot of us are more hesitant to jump into the weight room or the “harder” workouts than men. 30 minutes on the elliptical or Zumba is NOT gonna cut it, ladies!!

  2. Yep. Shelling out. My gym is cheap, but my trainer isn’t.

    That said, I’m convinced I’m doing the right thing. I needed to learn properly, and one on one is the way I learn best (I hate groups and classes). It’s my money, and frankly, I was spending that money on junk food and crappy fat clothes before – I’d much rather spend it on being fit and healthy!

    And hey – no longer fat either. A big win 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right – training might not be cheap, but it’s definitely worth the investment (in yourself). One-on-one is the way you get the best workout for you.

  3. This is something I’ll struggle with come May when I can use my school’s rec center anymore. My boyfriend and I are on the search for a decent gym in the area but they’re all so small and squished!

  4. I like to think of my gym costs as therapy, a sleeping pill, and entertainment all rolled into one! It always bothers me when people “can’t afford” a gym membership or healthy food but have smart phones, premium cable, and huge SUV’s. It’s all about priorities.

    • ABSOLUTELY. It’s definitely about priorities – you have the time for anything that means enough to you. It’s not about not being able to afford something when you can walk or run outside, take the stairs a couple times a day, or do squats or pushups in your living room for free!

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