A Little Pre-V Day Gym Humor For You …

I don’t have a sweetie to celebrate with tomorrow, but if I did … I could totally see myself saying this (yes, I’m totally that person who peeks over at the speed on the treadmill next to me just to make sure I’m running faster…).


12 thoughts on “A Little Pre-V Day Gym Humor For You …

    • Nope, I’m totally with you! I’m either trying to “beat” them, or thinking “that’s all you got??” (though the occasional 10 mph badass sprinter gets my admiration). The only thing that makes me crazier are the people “running” at 4 mph. They are MUCH better off walking at that pace…

  1. haha, this was brilliant to read! My wife has just started boxing training with me, but i’ve been doing it for a year now, so even though i encourage her always, I still quietly tell her i can do more burpees than her! *blush*

    • I like a little healthy competition – it will keep you BOTH committed and working hard! Plus, a little teasing counts as flirting (isn’t that why boys teased in elementary school), so I’m sure she likes it 😉

  2. Hahahaha! I love it! I just met a man who runs – first date went well. We are slated to have dinner a second time, this weekend. Who knows what will come of it? But even if it turns out to be the man of my dreams, he will never interfere with my running!!
    Thanks for posting that pic. and withing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Life is good.

  3. Haha! I peek over too, then I see that I am usually going slower. However, it’s good a motivator for me! Haha

    I’m the person at the gym who watches you, and awkwardly smiles when you catch me. I like to learn from people and their routines, but I probably look creepy!!

    • That’s the best way to learn, though! I have actually recommended to people who don’t want to spring for a trainer to just watch the trainers with their clients and copy them – you don’t get them yelling at you, but you can get their workouts for free!

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