SHH… The Entire Gym Does Not Need to Know Your Life Story (a.k.a. Keep Your Voice Down!)

I know I’ve addressed this topic in the past, but I was reminded of why it’s so important yet again tonight. Let’s talk about noise in the gym. Now, I’m not talking about breathing hard or grunting (unless you’re super loud about it, then I just don’t understand) – I’m talking about those people who find it necessary to make sure the entire gym can hear their conversations. Sometimes even – cringe – their phone conversations.

I’m  not even going to touch the phone part, because, quite honestly, if you are able to talk on the phone while you’re working out, clearly you aren’t working hard enough. I don’t even take my phone into the gym (a girl has to get away from technology for at least a couple hours a day).

That said: the entire gym does not have to hear your entire conversation. There are a couple habitual offenders in my gym, and lucky me always seems to end up nearby them (one used to be a trainer and now has – seriously – muttonchops, and the other is about the same height as me … and I’m fairly confident weighs less). Is there really reason for you to be so loud? Do you think that I need to hear your life story? Or are you just too rude to realize that those around you find you irritating?

The truth is, the gym is my happy place. My safe haven. My escape from the noise and stress of my everyday life. The one place I truly feel like my best self. Relaxed. At peace.

So when you’re yelling about your troubles? Yeah, that takes away my concentration. It takes away my peace. And more often than not, it takes away the weights that I’m looking to use (because you’re talking instead of lifting).

Moral of the story?  Common courtesy goes a long way. Be polite – and keep your voice down! Being social is one thing … being annoying is quite another.


19 thoughts on “SHH… The Entire Gym Does Not Need to Know Your Life Story (a.k.a. Keep Your Voice Down!)

  1. Thank you for the post 🙂 I must say it is a fairly irritating one, to be frank. Let me explain my point of view since I’ve just read yours 🙂 recently everyone colpsining about ppl being loud in the gym and being annoyed by it… Hmm how about parks, libraries, cafes… The points is many people get annoyed by many things but we can’t change the world and don’t need to. For example I hate when people signal when driving and my mate find it annoying that I don’t signal :-)) honestly just slightly lame:))) thanks for sharing though:)

  2. I feel you, sister. The gym is also my save haven where I escape from everything that bothers me. And I don’t want to be disturbed by people’s chitchat. And anyway, it’s beyond me how anyone can think of bringing their phone with them to the gym. Those people can’t be THAT important.

    • I know, right? I have no problem with a little conversation, but sometimes people just need to be aware of their volume. I’m there to work out and de-stress, not hear about other people’s problems.

  3. Hugging the gym equipment while having a loooong conversation on the phone, now that makes my blood boil… i can understand, even relate to the fact that having just done some heavy singles or doubles in the bench press or squats, you have to take your time recovering and catching your breath before going “back in”… but occupying the bench or the rack for 10 minutes or so, in the gyms rush hour, that will result in a polite comment from yours truly 🙂

  4. I agree with you %100. If you are talking on the phone, you are not working out that hard. Plus, it is really annoying to most of the people around you. I always have music on, and if I can hear you through my headphones PLEASE tone it down. This is yet another reason why I LOVE working out from home.

  5. He’s not, technically, a jerk. Now I don’t know how tall you are (my wife is 5’10”), but I’m going to guess that by the way you wrote this, you’re an average height and he is short (and skinny). Just freewheeling here, call it spit-balling, but it sounds like he’s overcompensating… He wants others to know how important he is – judging by the fact that you’re close by, hmmmm… Bow-chik-a-wow-wow. 😉

    Seriously though, tell him (very quietly) how you feel… This is your escape from conversations like the one’s he has, when he yells into the phone, it’s very distracting.

    If he does it again, pick a really good conversation where he’s visibly angry… When he hangs up in disgust, wait a minute and say, “wow, sounds like you really got your ass handed to you on that one”. When he tries to explain the details (as if you expressed interest), simply say, “Don’t mistake me for someone who cares about the details”. If he still doesn’t shut up, walk away. Take five.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had manners? Good luck.

    • He could very well be a nice enough person – and yikes! And you’re probably right – I’m 5’5″, so on the taller end of average for a woman, but short for a man.
      I have enough unnecessarily loud extended family (mom, you know who I’m talking about …) that I’ve mastered the art of dirty look/eye roll/I’m over it 😉 Though I’ll never understand it! I don’t know that I care enough to call him out. I’d rather just keep doing what I’m doing and move on (perhaps to somewhere less talk-y). I’m sure I do something that irritates someone, too, so we all pick our battles…
      Yes, it would be GREAT if everyone had manners.

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