We Have a New Look!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend – and if your weather was anything like the GORGEOUS weekend we had here in Northern Virginia, I hope you took advantage of it. I decided that, given the glimmer of hope that a beautiful spring is just around the corner, a nice, long walk was in order after my classes yesterday morning. There are definitely advantages to living in a walking-friendly area!

With the change of the season just around the corner, I found myself inspired for a few changes, as well (not counting the extra blonde I added into my hair a couple weekends ago). Strong-Fit-Beautiful has grown significantly throughout the last year or so, and – as all my fit friends out there know – with growth comes change. That said, this site needed a facelift!

Luckily, I have a bit of a graphic design eye, and since I’ve overtaken these duties at my “real” job in the last several years … meaning all it took was a little creativity, a little time, and a little playing in Photoshop over the weekend to make Strong-Fit-Beautiful a little more beautiful in this, its second year.

Let me know what you think – and if there is anything else you’d like to see. And if you like the header and want me to come up with a little something for your own header in my spare time (wait, do I have that?), just hit up the contact page. Remember, you can always still find me on Twitter @StrongFitSarah and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/strongfitbeautiful, too!

Have a great week, and let’s keep on getting stronger, more fit and even more beautiful together!

11 thoughts on “We Have a New Look!

  1. Nice facelift and congrats on your blogs success! Btw, I would love to see an icon or pic of an object or something that embodies who you are on your header. Right now it says you are a straight shooting, no frill, raw fitness machine lol. So I like it.

    We follow you because your inspirational and no blog facelift will ever change that. Keep doing what ya doing! 🙂

    • I actually thought about that, but I didn’t want to rush it, so we’ll see if I can come up with something “me” in the future (although if you take a look, there’s a subtle shot of the beach my family visits every summer in the background – I’d consider that pretty “me” – it’s the only other place that rivals the gym for my love 😉 )
      And you’re right – at the core, it’s still the same blog, it just looks a little different! I’ll keep it coming as long as you all keep reading!

  2. The new look is fantastic! Simple and clean without the glitz and glam. Fits your writing style perfectly. Congrats on all of the success and good luck moving forward!

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