Are You Making Yourself Better?

This is a similar message to the one I convey to my Pilates classes as we get ready to do planks: “the beauty of planks is that they never get easy, they only get easier … and when they do, there are plenty of ways to make them harder.” I gave my two resident badasses a new modification last week, and I’m pretty sure they both loved and hated me for it. (Hands on the floor, one foot on a medicine ball. Tough. Awesome. Actually did them myself this morning.)


6 thoughts on “Are You Making Yourself Better?

    • Well, in class I’m kind of mean about my counting (you know, the last count has 1/2s and 1/4s in it) … but otherwise … well, if you’re really challenging yourself you should be too busy focusing to be bored!

  1. I like that idea – the question of “Are you making yourself better?” I never want to get in a rut where I’m just keeping up, doing the same-old thing. Don’t just break a sweat; push yourself!
    You’ve inspired me. I’m in a cast on my right ankle and calf, but I can still hold some planks for a bit!

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