5 thoughts on “The Evolution of Athletic Shoes

  1. I have a theory that the increased ACL/MCL injuries we see now days has a lot to do with how good shoes have become. We never heard of an ACL when I was growing up and now it seems like they happen all the time. Maybe shoes, maybe people are bigger, stronger, faster. But it’s still crazy to me!

    • Could be. I think it has a lot to do with our lifestyles, too – most of us spend most of the day sitting at desks, then putting ourselves through some crazy stuff at the gym (you know what I’m talking about!) I read an interesting article not too long ago about how the number of women with ACL/MCL issues has risen mostly because our bodies are biologically not designed to do some of the hardcore stuff we like to do now – something about the way our hips are built, and the angle to the knee making it really easy to turn just the right way to strain or snap something.

      • That could be, I also read about how kids doing less running around outside as kids has something to do with it too, who knows. It’s just strange though, you think about pro sports. Back when Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and those guys played ACL injuries pretty much didn’t exist. Now you have tons of them every single year. I’m pretty sure MJ didn’t sit at a desk all day, but neither did Derrick Rose. 🙂

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