Picked Up This Gem in Orlando Today…

I flew down to Orlando this morning to hang out with the family for a few days and celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday. The parents and I were walking around the park across from our hotel earlier, and stumbled upon this gem…yes, he is walking holding weight plates. Where he found them – and why he decided they were appropriate for his walk – I’m not sure. Regardless…enjoy!


One thought on “Picked Up This Gem in Orlando Today…

  1. I’m not sure what you’re getting at… Are you amused by his odd use of equipment, or are you glad to see he’s pushing himself instead of sitting on the couch, or both, or neither?
    I have used a weight vest or ankle weights on long walks to try to work a bit harder. When those weren’t available, I used a pair of kettle bells, curling now and then or working to control them within the natural arm-swing of walking. So i get what he’s doing. My arms got a workout they otherwise would not have enjoyed, and I felt great. Probably looked silly, but better that than sitting at home playing video games like I usually do.
    Not trying to argue, I just didn’t understand what makes this a gem.

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