Hot Yoga Saturday … I Think I Lost Five Pounds.

I think I lost 5 lbs. in the span of 75 minutes on Saturday morning … my first hot yoga class in probably five years. Last weekend, I got a massage at this new spa/yoga and Pilates studio near my apartment called Mind Your Body Oasis. The massage was AMAZING. I’ll definitely go back (when they have another special, because they are a little pricey). But onto the hot yoga…

I completely forgot exactly how HOT hot yoga is. I’m a sweater to begin with, so I was soaked within about three minutes. And kind of regretting the eight miles I ran earlier that morning within about 15. The thing I always loved about hot yoga in the past was the way it makes your muscles so much more pliable, which is definitely great for those of us, like myself, are pretty flexible to begin with. It kind of takes things to another level of flexibility. Also on the plus side? The class was only me and one other lady, so plenty of personal attention.

The one thing that I really didn’t like about it was that though it was listed as a Flow class, I didn’t really feel that it was like any of the other Flow classes that I’d done in the past. These are usually the ones I go for because I’m a big fan of the more athletic-based Power Yoga, and the way that you feel like you’re essentially doing pushups between every pose. Not the case with this class – we probably only went through a vinyasa two or three times. I missed the constant movement aspect. And, to be completely honest … I’m petrified of headstands. And we spent more time than I would have really liked on both headstands and handstands. The arm balances were kind of fun, though – I’m definitely not where I was with them when I was in my yoga phase years ago, but it is reassuring to know that muscle memory applies to this, too.

Overall, despite the fact that it wasn’t necessarily what I was hoping, it was still good to do something a little different. Since the studio is so close to home, I may check out another class sometime – they have a pretty extensive schedule, and a variety of styles, in both the heated studio, and what they call the Zen (the not hot) studio. It’s a little hard to find, but if you are ever in Crystal City and make it over to the Shops at 1750 (right near the metro station), it’s definitely worth checking out.