Make Sure Your Snacks Are Healthy … Not “Healthy”

I feel like I’m constantly having the conversation with my parents about foods being actually healthy, or just appearing that way. My dad is usually the main offender – he’ll be convinced something is “healthy” because the front label is screaming “low fat” or “only XX calories.” What I always need to explain is that low fat doesn’t necessarily equal healthy … especially when there is extra sugar and empty carbs used to make up for the taste.

Keep in mind that a little fat is not bad for you – as long as it’s the good kind of fat – and that sugar (often used to replace the fat to keep taste), though naturally fat-free, is like any other calorie – if it doesn’t get used, it will be converted to fat. And let’s be honest … as a society, we eat WAY more sugar than we should (and yes, I’m guilty of that one, too … you’d be AMAZED how quickly you consume more sugar than you should eat in a day). But sugar isn’t the only culprit: there are plenty of chemicals, food dyes, and empty, stripped down carbs that contribute nothing to our diets, but potentially do contribute to our waistlines.

Here are a few things to think about as you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping. Bottom line? Make sure to actually read the entire label to see what you’re actually eating … without the flashy marketing trying to convince you that junk is actually good for you.



17 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Snacks Are Healthy … Not “Healthy”

  1. I’m trying to eat cleaner and it’s amazing how many chemicals and processed ingredients that are found in “healthy food.” I agreed that is something comes in box then it’s probably processed…….Healthy Journey!

    • Absolutely – the biggest thing is to get beyond the fancy packaging and take the time to see what you’re really eating. I definitely can’t go with a completely unprocessed diet (because I’m not home much and I’m not much of a cook, either), but I try to go as minimally processed as possible when I can.

  2. Very good food post. I’m like your dad. I get totally drawn in by packaging. I always read labels now. Although something says low fat, it usually ladened with sugar and sodium.

    • Very true – that’s why I’m a big label reader! We all got obsessed with finding the “evil” in food – fat, carbs, etc (you know, the things we do actually need in our diet) instead of just looking for the good – whole foods, quality fats, etc. There’s lots of truths to be found if you can get past the marketing!

  3. Reblogged this on Foxy [Whole] Foodie and commented:
    This couldn’t be more true! I can’t tell you how often I have this conversation with family, friends and co-workers. Organic, whole foods are the way to go – not processed, packaged foods that are trying to lure you into thinking they’re healthy with marketing!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said!! I hate marketing schemes that confuse the unassuming public into consuming something they think is a healthy choice. It’s all about educating yourself on a little bit of science to take nutrition in your own hands: ingredients, calories, and nutrition breakdown f food, and how your body metabolizes fats sugars carbs proteins etc! I wish people would take just a sliver of time out to fully understand this. It would save them from falling for fad diets and chemicals. Great article!! 🙂

    • Absolutely. People are looking for convenience, and while there are a lot of healthy foods out there, there is also a lot of junk masquerading as healthy. That’s why I’m a huge label reader – and I try to stick with mostly fresh, unprocessed foods – you know what you’re getting then!

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