Perfect Day for an Outdoor Run!

A few weeks back, I wrote about my first outdoor run in a long time. I have to admit, I think it may have inspired me a bit. I spend so much of my time in the gym, that I often wonder if I forget about all the other exercise opportunities that are outside of those walls – including what I’ll admit was my exercise “gateway drug” (also know as outdoor running).

I got lucky tonight – it just happened to be my usual “long run” (or cardio-only) day of the week, and the weather was perfect to take it outside. There’s something about a slightly overcast, mid-60s day that just makes a run fantastic. You never really get too hot, the sun doesn’t keep you squinting, and it’s a little easier to get lost in your thoughts when you’re looking at the beauty around you (in my case, my route took me past a skyline including the Washington Monument and the Capital Building … twice … not to mention the really cool landing route of the planes into Reagan National). To be honest, I spend most of my work day looking forward to my workouts anyway. But knowing that I had a run outside instead of the treadmill tonight? It gave me even more to look forward tonight.

I think I’ve finally figured out a great route, too – from my apartment, down into Alexandria, out past the Pentagon, and back around to the other side of my neighborhood. Makes for a 7+ mile route, which is what I tend to do on the treadmill. It’s nice to focus more on how I feel than when the treadmill tells me I need to speed up or slow down. I’m pretty sure there were times I was running slower than I typically do, but I know there were a few times I was trucking, too. And we’re not even going to talk about some of those hills (yowza, that’s a change from the treadmill!!)

Here’s hoping we have a few more spring days in our future … though the way the weather here has been lately, it’s winter one day, summer the next … because these outdoor runs have been fantastic.