The Benefits of Running

I’ve posted a few times in the last couple weeks about the weather finally getting warm enough to run outside. There is something so relaxing about just losing yourself in your thoughts as you settle into a good running rhythm. But there is more to love about running.

Here is a great graphic from NordicTrack spelling out a few more of the great benefits that come from tying on your shoes and hitting the pavement:


17 thoughts on “The Benefits of Running

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  2. One benefit I love is the freedom it gives you. I used to live right by the beach and after work, I would head out for a run. I would just zone out and let the stress of the day just dissipate and after my hour was up, I was a whole new person. I love to run, but I barely have time for it anymore 😦 but I shouldn’t be making excuses

    • It’s really amazing the impact it can have on you. Even with all the other things I do throughout the week workout-wise, nothing beats a good run. I’d LOVE to be able to run on the beach every night … but I love to be able to do anything at a beach (too bad it takes a few hours for me to get to one)!

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