10 thoughts on “Watch Your Portions – They Add Up Fast!

  1. This one is a bit suspect – the pizza slice listed at 850 calories is double that of a normal slice of pizza – I know this because I researched pizza because I eat it so often. As a 6′ tall man I weigh 4.3 pounds less than the average 5’4″ woman. We are getting fat for sure but to blame that on fast food is silly though no one could deny that it doesn’t help.

    • Well, you have to take into account the size, what’s on it, how it’s prepared…a good Chicago deep dish is going to set you back at LEAST 850, but your run of the mill Pizza Hut or something is probably closer to 1/4 of that.

  2. It is not the food that is to blame, it is the amount we eat. They have made it taste better and created enough variety to be able to eat every meal every day at a fast food place. Arguing over specifics is pointless. Jared lost a bunch of weight on subway then gained a lot of it back because it is not a long term solution. He also did not advertise his health statistics. Fast food is not good for you – bottom line. The results are rather striking. Watch Fast Food Nation and you can see the rapid effects of fast food on a person’s body.

    • Yup! The quantity plays a part – too much of anything is going to be detrimental (I read an interview a while back with Jason Statham, and he was saying that even if you’re eating apples, if you’re eating 5 of them the calories are going to add up). But the quality is just as huge of a factor. Personally, I like knowing what I’m putting into my body…preferably not chemicals.

  3. Seeing all of this visually really does a number on you. As genext13 said, quantities are kinda ridiculous here. In some countries, what qualifies as a large is our medium. Also people are a lot less active. Kids don’t even play anymore and you can see that childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate.

    • Definitely – there’s a huge disparity between a “real” portion and what we see put in front of us sometimes. It’s about being smart and not falling for the hype (or lies) that’s out there. It’s sad that kids don’t spend the time playing outside they used to – I couldn’t imagine being cooped up in front of video games or computers or whatever they are doing instead these days!

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