Why Home Training Represents the Future of Fitness (Guest Post)

Never in the history of the industry have there been more options on the table for those looking to get fit and healthy. The sheer number of fitness clubs and personal training services on the UK market today is quite frankly impossible to comprehend, though shows no signs of slowing in growth anytime soon. This of course can make choosing the right option for any given person pretty tricky, though there is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest for a variety of reasons…that being the home trainer.

It wasn’t long ago that these kinds of trainers were among the most elite, exclusive and appropriately expensive the industry had to offer. The idea of an experienced professional trainer making the effort to visit you in your home was about as extravagant as it got, but as word began spreading of just how superior an option this particular method of training can be, it pretty much exploded across the UK and beyond.

As of right now therefore, almost anyone in any town or city across Britain has the option of contacting a home training professional as an alternative to the gym, but why should they do so? Are there any real benefits, or is it nothing more than a money-making venture aimed at those with deep pockets?


Well, first of all it’s worth considering that the best in the business today offer a unique guarantee that their home fitness packages will bring beneficial results for those taking part. There can’t be a mainstream gym in the UK today that ‘guarantees’ anyone will come out of the deal fitter, which means that as far as results are concerned the home trainer takes the prize. And if said results don’t show, a full refund means nothing has been wasted by trying it out.


One of the most appealing traits of all with the home trainer is the almost limitless flexibility they offer. Bespoke packages and regimes are created for singles, couples, families, seniors, youngsters, the disabled and those recovering from various injuries and illnesses. A gym, by contrast, is just a gym – a take it or leave it affair. With the home trainer, you’re able to literally just tell them who you are, where you are, who’s involved and so on and so forth and they’ll take care of every single consideration from beginning to end.


And then of course comes what’s probably the deciding factor for most – the price. This is where some have trouble believing the facts – and facts they are – as while a gym membership might well be affordable, there’s no telling how long it will take to see any results or if said results will ever appear. What’s more, lapsed gym memberships cost the UK public millions of pounds every year that are basically been thrown down the drain – a home trainer means to only every pay for the services you receive. And the same goes for contracts – anyone can sign up with a home trainer for a month, a few weeks or even just a couple of days if need be without the need to enter into binding agreements for the next half-decade.

Overall, the overwhelming majority could mount up some real savings for the long-term by turning to the pro trainer and that’s exactly why home training packages represent the future of the industry.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton recently replaced her dust-gathering gym membership with a family package from the best personal trainer Brentwood had to offer and has since found herself campaigning for a revolution in the UK’s attitudes to health and fitness.